Take back your empire

Total War: ROME REMASTERED lets you relive the legacy that defined the award-winning strategy series. Introducing extensive graphical and gameplay improvements, this is a remaster in the truest sense – refining and modernising while remaining faithful to what made the original so enduring.

  • Improved Visuals

    ROME REMASTERED breathes new life into the classic Rome: Total War visuals with a suite of improvements:

    • 4K Optimisation
    • Ultra-widescreen and native UHD resolution support
    • New, high-resolution models for units, buildings and environments
    • Updated weather, particle and lighting effects
    • A refreshed campaign map with new, high-resolution models
  • Modern Features

    Rome: Total War’s gameplay is ushered into the modern era with a host of new and improved features:

    • Updated tooltips, advisor text and a new in-game wiki
    • An overhauled UI with new, intuitive icons
    • A new tactical map, unit displays and range markers for 3D battles
    • Fully modernised battle controls, familiar to players of recent games in the series
    • Filtered map overlays for key campaign info at a glance
    • Quick lists for armies, fleets, agents and settlements
  • Enhanced Game Mechanics

    The armies of 16 previously locked factions are now at your command, for a grand total of 38 playable factions. And, in a first for Total War, you can now lead your favourite faction to victory in cross-platform multiplayer between Windows, macOS and Linux.

    Also new to ROME REMASTERED, the Merchant has been added to the agent roster. These shrewd masters of coin can be sent all over the world to create trade links, access resources and buy out rivals, increasing your income and asserting your faction’s economic power.

Legionaries soften up a warband of marauding Britons.

New map overlays make empire planning simple.

Night battles come with dynamic lighting and particle effects.

No quarter is given between Julii and barbarians.

Comprehensive tooltips are always available.

Greek Hoplites form an intimidating defensive wall.