What’s new in XCOM 2 for Mac and Linux?

All the best new features in XCOM 2 explained

No two levels are ever the same

XCOM 2 generates each level as it loads, which means you never play the same map twice.

The system is different to XCOM: Enemy Unknown's, in that it takes manually created maps and populates them randomly with features such as buildings and trees – the locations of which are determined by algorithms that ensure they’re always in appropriate positions.

The result is a huge boost to replayablity in that every level provides a fresh challenge on every single-player playthrough and in every multiplayer match.

Attack from the shadows

You'll begin many missions 'concealed' from ADVENT and alien forces. This enables you to explore the map, plan tactics and, best of all, set up devastating ambushes.

Actions such as kicking open doors, or wandering into plain view will alert the enemy to your presence, so take care to stay hidden and keep that advantage.

The Avenger: XCOM's mobile headquarters

Your headquarters in XCOM 2 is a captured alien supply ship called the Avenger. You'll fly around the globe to recruit soldiers, scientists and engineers, direct your XCOM forces against the aliens, and expand the Resistance network, as you attempt to unite Earth against the alien occupiers.

A roster revamp for humans and aliens

In the 20 years since their victory over mankind, the aliens have been busy expanding and developing their forces.

ADVENT is the aliens' police force, and will operate independently or combine with alien forces on the battlefield.

The aliens have upgraded many of their familiar units through genetic manipulation. The Sectoid, for example, is now much larger and stronger, while the new Muton is much smarter than its XCOM: Enemy Unknown predecessor. New among the alien ranks are the Faceless, the Archon and the Andromedon, all of which come with abilities that will tax even the most experienced XCOM player.

Meanwhile, XCOM has adapted to the new world order, with five all-new soldier classes that boast powerful abilities, each of whom can equip weapons and armor engineered from researching alien technology.

This is just a glimpse of the brave new world of XCOM 2. For a full intelligence report, sprint over to our minisite.

XCOM 2 is out now for Mac and Linux on Steam and the Feral Store, and will be available on the Mac App Store soon.