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Welcome to the Feral Podcast, your inside look (or listen) at the untamed side of Mac games development.

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    Episode 4: SEGA Superstars Tennis

    Duration: 16 mins

    Episode 4: Strings tightened and microphones engaged, Brad and Edwin team up to talk SEGA Superstars Tennis and answer your questions.

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    Episode 3: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    Duration: 13 mins

    Episode 3: Brad and Edwin come in from the cold to discuss The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, before using Gandalf-like wisdom (more or less) to answer your questions.

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    Episode 2: Tropico 4: Gold Edition

    Duration: 11 mins

    Episode 2: Ministers for Podcasting Brad and Edwin talk Tropico 4: Gold Edition, explore the new powers and resources at El Presidente’s disposal and answer the finest fan-sourced questions.

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    Episode 1: Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition

    Duration: 13 mins

    Episode 1: Brad and Edwin discuss the features and brand-new multiplayer modes of Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition, then answer your questions about the Little Corporal’s big Mac outing.