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XCOM 2 patch 1.1 for Mac and Linux

The second patch for XCOM 2 on Mac and Linux is now live! This patch introduces fixes, balance tweaks, and several performance optimizations that should improve framerates and in-game delays. A new “Zip Mode” is now available, which creates a faster-paced experience that speeds u... Read More

Challenge Garrett and win the Art of Thief

Can you challenge the Master Thief? All you have to do is invent a password even Garrett would struggle to guess… but would kick himself once he knew. The mastermind who suggests the cleverest password will win The City’s greatest prize: a hardback copy of The Art of Thief. To l... Read More

March of the penguins: prophecy speaks of a new wonder for Linux

This year an ancient spring equinox celebration will be observed. But far from being sacrificed for divine nourishment, the penguins will instead be blessed. For something marvellous will be revealed to Linux in the week beginning with the equinox. Travel to Facebook or Twitter an... Read More

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