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Company of Heroes for iPad — Field Defences

The best strategy is great execution. In Company of Heroes, players secure their positions with field defences such as sandbags, barbed wire and tank traps. In the upcoming iPad version, these can be quickly and easily placed by drawing them directly onto the map: Now dig in an Read More

Feral Interactive joins Weibo!

Get first-hand gaming news and chat with us in Simplified Chinese on our newly launched Weibo page. All Chinese-speaking gamers are warmly encouraged to join us! Read More

Built for speed — GRID Autosport™ is coming to Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport™ is on track to become the first full-on racing sim for Nintendo Switch. Ignite your high-speed career on Switch, mastering motorsport's most exciting cars on the world's most thrilling circuits. GRID Autosport lets you race anywhere, anytime, with controls an Read More

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