XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition for Mac will Deploy on April 25th

Hello, Commander. We have... disturbing news. Our scientists have received intelligence confirming that XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition will land on the Mac on April 25th.

Before you engage, you should know that the game, which already combines turn-based tactics, deep strategy and role-playing, now contains LAN and online multiplayer. It’s also fully armed with all previously released DLC including the Slingshot pack, the Elite Soldier pack and the Second Wave update.

We suggest you proceed immediately to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Elite Edition minisite, where our research team have collated all known information about the game, including system requirements, screenshots and even some live alien specimens. When you’re ready, begin your mission by pre-ordering the game from the Feral Store.

And remember, we will be watching...