GRID Autosport for Mac and Linux: scalable difficulty settings smooth the racing line from beginner to expert

A fine balance: how GRID Autosport combines simulation with pick-up-and-play gameplay to entice rookies and pro racers alike.

GRID Autosport marks a return to the series’ roots with a renewed emphasis on real-to-life racing and much-praised upgrades to car physics and game AI.

But that has not come at the expense of accessibility.

GRID Autosport has numerous driving aids that are designed to help you to learn how to race, such as ABS, etc. As your experience increases, the settings can be adjusted to give you a more realistic racing experience.

As you become more confident you take control of your car setups, tweaking for personal preference and to suit the circuit and the conditions.

You also get to decide how tough the competiton is; at beginner level the game’s AI provides a challenge, but at higher levels it’s as close as it gets to the real thing.

GRID Autosport is out now on Mac and Linux and is available through Steam, the Feral Store and Mac App Store. You can find our more on the GRID Autosport minisite.