Pre-purchase XCOM® 2 for Mac and Linux and get the Resistance Warrior Pack

We’re happy to announce XCOM 2, the upcoming sci-fi strategy game, is now available for pre-purchase on Mac and Linux through Steam. If you pre-purchase XCOM 2 you’ll receive The Resistance Warrior Pack for free when the game is released early next year.

The Resistance Warrior Pack lets you customize your squad of resistance fighters with bonus outfits, headgear, and custom facial war paint, and instantly unlocks a Survivor of the Old War as a recruit in your barracks.

XCOM 2 is a sequel to the 2012 Game of the Year* award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which puts you in charge of the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit (XCOM), tasked with defending Earth from an alien invasion. If you’ve yet to play it you’re in luck, because you can try it for free this weekend on Steam, and get a taste of the XCOM series’ turn-based tactics and global strategy.

For more information about XCOM 2, as well as screenshots, videos and news, visit the official XCOM website.

*XCOM: Enemy Unknown was named 2012 Game of the Year by the following outlets: GameTrailers, GiantBomb, and Kotaku.