The true meaning of fear: Alien: Isolation™ - The Collection stalks on to Mac and Linux September 29

UPDATE: We're sorry to bring you bad tidings, but Alien: Isolation - The Collection for Mac and Linux has been delayed due to an issue that affects both platforms, and will not be released today.

Please see this news post for more details.

We are all living on borrowed time. On September 29, you will enter a desperate battle for survival when Alien: Isolation – The Collection for Mac and Linux is set loose on Steam.

Sneak, scavenge and improvise your way through the stricken space station Sevastopol, but never, ever drop your guard: you are being stalked by the ultimate killer. Evade and outwit this unpredictable enemy in a survival horror game soaked in the terrifying atmosphere of the classic 1979 sci-fi film Alien™.

Consult the mini site for trailers, tutorials, specs, and intel on all the DLC and mission packs included in Alien: Isolation – The Collection.

Alien: Isolation - The Collection will reach the Mac App Store in October.