Tropico for Android — Coming 5 September!

Tropico for iPhone — Out now!

Tropico for iPad out now — Buy once, rule forever!

Tropico for iPad - Coming 18 December!

Announcement Trailer

Greetings from Tropico

Lined with luxurious beaches and prone to natural disasters, Tropico is the number one destination for dictators who demand not just absolute obedience, but sunshine and excitement too. Welcome to paradise!


Tropico on iPad Gameplay — Let's Play Politics!

Feral Plays Tropico for iPad! — In-depth Gameplay

Draw roads easily for rapid development.

A dapper casino boss wanders through a military guard station.

Develop Tropico’s nuclear program for a sustainable future.

Send tourists on balloon rides over your beautiful island.

Soldiers fire on rebellious citizens.

Swing into Architect View for snappy construction.

A wealthy tourist reflects on Tropico’s brilliant nightlife.

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