Mission packs

Real dictators never resign or retire — and Tropico’s 15 original missions are just the start of your presidential reign. With so many more islands to rule, they’ll have to drag you out of office!

  • The Tropican Dream

    Quit the day job for another glorious stretch in the presidential palace, and take on six scintillating scenarios that’ll have you navigating ancient curses, playing the markets and facing God’s wrath! Available via in-app purchase.

  • Postcards from Tropico

    Build your own coffee empire, fleece revolutionary llamas and search for alien life in seven fiendishly challenging new missions, available to download for free!

  • Absolute Power

    From printing your own money to growing your own fanclub, Tropico includes all the extra edicts, missions, landmarks and leisure facilities of its popular expansion pack, Absolute Power.

    • Before purchasing please check the store page to confirm that your device is supported.