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Command the US Army against German Wehrmacht forces in the Company of Heroes campaign, or play as either in Skirmish Mode.

The Allies

United States Army

With its roster of aggressive units, the US Army excels at taking the fight to the enemy. Utilize numbers and superior mobility to overwhelm your foes. However, the base units are less powerful than their Wehrmacht equivalents, so strategic upgrades are key to success.

    Company types:

  • Infantry Company: Build squads and defences faster than the other companies, employ heavy artillery, and reinforce your ranks with the elite US Army Rangers.

  • Airborne Company: Deploy paratroopers, recon planes, and the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber.

  • Armor Company: Faster vehicle production and field repairs than the other companies. Call in the Sherman Calliopes and the M26 Pershing heavy tank.

The Axis

German Wehrmacht

Battle-hardened, resilient and disciplined; what the Wehrmacht lack in numbers, they make up for with their power and professionalism. The Panther and Tiger tanks are the best on the battlefield, and Wehrmacht troops excel in specialised roles.


  • Blitzkrieg Doctrine: Deploy overwhelming assault units such as Stormtroopers and the Tiger I tank.

  • Defensive Doctrine: Provides defence bonuses and artillery support including access to powerful Flak 88 cannons.

  • Terror Doctrine: Demoralise the enemy with propaganda, Flying Bomb V1 rockets, and a single super-powered King Tiger tank.