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Company of Heroes Collection for iOS

The Company of Heroes Collection is also available for iOS, bringing together the main game and its two exhilarating expansions – Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor – in a single purchase.

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Take on two new campaigns from either side of the war in the first expansion for Company of Heroes.

Liberation of Caen

Lead the highly mobile 3rd Battalion of the British 2nd Army (aka Boudica’s Boys) in their armoured assault on the city of Caen. Employing Mobile Command Trucks and skilled field commanders, the battalion faces a tough fight to prise this key stronghold from the grip of German forces.

Operation Market Garden

In the months following the D-Day landings, the German Panzer Elite mobilise to foil the Allied advance, Operation Market Garden. This heavily mechanised force specialises in speed and overwhelming firepower, with customisable halftrack personnel carriers offering unmatched versatility. The Panzer Elite campaign sees commanders sabotaging the bridges of Oosterbeek to slow the Allied advance, and attempt to cut off British reinforcements as they make their way north towards Arnhem along Hell’s Highway and towards Arnhem and Germany.

Opposing Fronts also unlocks these forces for use in Skirmish battles, and adds new tutorials to help familiarise commanders with the tactics at their disposal.

Dynamic weather effects shroud the field as British paratroopers drop into battle.

The highly-mobile Cromwell tank leads the British defence against the Panzer Elite’s armoured assault.

An armoured British convoy stalks through the hedgerows in formation.

Heavily-armed Panzer Elite forces secure fuel resources to support armoured reinforcements.

Massed Panzer Elite Halftracks defend a strategic crossing over the river Rhine.

British Commandos deploy by glider under cover of darkness.

Churchill tanks assault a Panzer Elite headquarters en-masse.


Tales of Valor completes Company of Heroes with three new campaigns set in the summer of 1944:


Experience the action that made Hauptmann Voss, the main game’s chief antagonist, a legend. Take the helm of his fearsome Tiger Tank and leave British armour in smoking ruins, en route to the battle of Villers-Bocage.


Regarded by many as a liability and a faint heart, Sgt Frank Craft of the 82nd Airborne Division finds redemption in the capture of the La Fiere Causeway, a key line of advance from the Normandy beaches for the Allied forces.


The base game’s explosive finale saw the Allies secure the Falaise Pocket. Tales of Valor’s third campaign flips the perspective, putting you in command of the Waffen-SS Panzergrenadiers and Wehrmacht troops entrusted with securing the German 7th army’s escape from the besieged area.

By completing these campaigns, players unlock nine new vehicles split between the US Army, the British 2nd Army, the Wehrmacht and the Panzer Elite – all for use in Skirmish mode.

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