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Forge China’s next great dynasty as a Warlord with unique combination of abilities, motivations and experiences that shape their goals and methods of conquest.

  • Sun Jian

    Known as the Tiger of Jiangdong, Sun Jian is a daredevil with an aggressive leadership style. His guerrilla forces can be deployed and replenished anywhere in enemy territory, and mercenaries impressed by his daring will fight for him at a reduced cost.

  • Cao Cao

    Cao Cao is a strategic mastermind and ruthless puppet master. When sufficiently respected on the diplomatic stage, he can instigate proxy wars between rival Warlords.

  • Liu Bei

    An idealistic and virtuous man, Liu Bei forges unshakeable bonds with his followers, inspiring militia units to fight for free. His imperial lineage allows him to claim territory belonging to the Han empire without opposition.

  • Ma Teng

    Ma Teng is a fierce survivor. His armies forage successfully for extra food while the supplies of invading forces dwindle. Ma Teng’s faction can produce food with the unique Xiliang Supply Lines building chain and gain extra income from the Silk Road.

  • Liu Biao

    Lui Biao is an aristocrat, academic, and one of the Eight Geniuses of Jiangxia, a group of esteemed scholars. His faction includes the unique court positions of Student, Tutor and Scholar, which grant experience bonuses to all under his rule.

  • Zhang Yan

    A soldier of fortune, Zhang Yan walks the line between nobility and banditry. An expert in guerrilla warfare, he excels at ambushes, deception, and manoeuvring his troops speedily through forests.

  • Yuan Shao

    Yuan Shao was instrumental in the defeat of the Ten Attendants, rebellious officials in the Han imperial palace. His power and prestige allows him to build alliances early in his campaigns, bolster his forces at little extra expense, and quickly pacify captured settlements.

  • Zheng Jiang

    Known as the Bandit Queen, Zheng Jiang is an outlaw who lives for the final days of the corrupt Han Dynasty. She operates by subduing other factions and extorting payments. Unsurprisingly, her popularity decreases as she grows more successful, making diplomacy more challenging.

  • Kong Rong

    Kong Rong is said to be a descendant of Confucius. He is a brilliant politician and master scholar famed for using his quick wits and sharp tongue to gain the upper hand.

  • Yuan Shu

    From a long line of influential nobles, Yuan Shu is an ambitious powermonger infamous for his decadence. He makes a significant income from commerce, industry, and persuading other factions that he is the rightful emperor.

  • Gongsun Zan

    Gongsun Zan is an ironfist leader who rules along military lines with Generals as administrators. He uses heavily armoured shock cavalry and powerful horse archers to secure victory in battle.

  • Dong Zhuo

    A brutal despot who governs with intimidation, Dong Zhuo’s approach reduces corruption and allows him to force other factions into deals. He also controls the Han Emperor Xian, resulting in a significant income. Unlock Dong Zhuo as playable by defeating his army in battle or by reaching the rank of Emperor.