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Survival Tips

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider to survive the jungle you must master three different sets of skills — exploration, puzzle-solving and combat. You may adjust the difficulty settings on any of these to best suit your playstyle, whether you prefer easier fights, harder puzzles, or less guidance as you traverse the wilds.


  • Scale new heights with your climbing axes, and use your grappling hook to swing and rappel to distant ledges.

  • Swim through sunken temples and subterranean caverns to discover new areas. Upgrade your skills to swim faster and hold your breath for longer.

  • Gather resources. Keep your eyes peeled for plants, ore, hardwood and other resources you can use for crafting or selling.

  • Utilise your equipment to access new areas: make bridges with rope arrows, clear debris with your axe, and use explosives to remove barriers.

  • Upgrade the Seeker branch of your skill tree to sharpen your perception, discover more loot, and make better use of your environment.

  • Talk to the locals to trade goods, learn of hidden opportunities, and piece together the story of the lost city of Paititi.


  • Rise to the challenge. Find a Challenge Tomb’s hidden entrance, then solve its multi-layered puzzles to unlock a special skill.

  • Mind the traps. From spiked ceilings and snake pits to tripwires and crumbling floors, tombs are rife with lethal traps.

  • Survey the area. Take a breather, find your bearings, and make a note of anything that might impact the puzzle, such as hidden levers.

  • Use Survival Instincts to highlight useful items in the surrounding area. Seasoned adventurers can turn this mode off.


  • Craft weapons from scavenged resources, such as poison arrows, exploding rifle ammo and Molotov cocktails.

  • Select your weapon based on the combat scenario, whether it's a bow for silent takedowns, a pistol for sniping distant enemies, or a shotgun for close-range mayhem.

  • Upgrade and modify weapons by collecting resources and spending them at Base Camps.

  • Employ stealth techniques. Crouch, hide and camouflage yourself with mud to sneak close and pull off stealthy takedowns. Upgrade the Scavenger branch of your skill tree to improve your stealth.

  • Upgrade the Warrior branch of your skill tree to learn new moves, concoct fear toxins, and enhance your fighting ability.

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