The Collection


  • Outsmart and evade the unpredictable and ferociously intelligent Alien, who uses its heightened senses to hunt you down and respond to your every move.
  • Scavenge for hidden resources, craft items and use the Sevastopol’s battered technology to improvise distractions and defenses to keep you alive.
  • Explore the increasingly volatile Sevastopol, wracked with fear and mistrust, and stalked by a ruthless killer.
  • Immerse yourself in this superbly-realised survival horror game crafted with incredible fidelity to the atmosphere, art direction and production values of the classic 1979 sci-fi film Alien™.

Once a busy trading station, the Sevastopol is now almost completely abandoned.

The motion tracker is invaluable, but it makes a noise that anyone – or anything – can hear.

With the Alien stalking the Sevastopol’s corridors, nowhere is safe.

An improvised Molotov can fend off the Alien… briefly.