Cookies Policy

Note: This policy covers how our website uses cookies. We also offer a general statement of principle concerning your privacy, plus detailed privacy policies for both our games and our website as a whole.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, which collect and save various types of information and are stored in your web browser when you visit a website. The next time you visit that site, your computer will automatically send the information stored in the relevant cookie back to the website, letting it know you’ve visited before.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies enable enhanced functionality on our website. For example, we use cookies to remember the contents of your shopping basket while you’re using our online store, and to remember which language you’ve selected so that the site will use the same language the next time you visit.

We also use cookies to collect anonymous data about our users. For example, which site they were viewing before they visited the Feral site. This information is useful to us in improving the site further. A full list of which cookies we use, and how, can be found below.

We never share, sell, rent, lend or gift any of your personal information (including the anonymous data collected by cookies) to advertisers.

What types of cookie do we use?

Name Description
Session cookies A session cookie is held temporarily in your computer's memory and disappears after you close your browser or shut off your computer. For example, we use this to remember the contents of your shopping basket on our store and your selection on age-gates.
Language cookie We store your language selection in a cookie to make sure the site uses the same language when you return.
Analytics cookies This is used to track anonymous visitor usage data via our analytics provider, Google. This might include information such as how long visitors spend on a page, which links they click on and which page they were referred to our site from.
Special offer cookies These are used to determine whether you are entitled to a special offer or promotion.
YouTube cookies We may embed YouTube videos using YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode. This mode will only place cookies on your computer once you click on the video player. See YouTube's embedding videos and playlists page for more details.
Spotify cookies We may embed Spotify Widgets on the site, which can be used to play audio tracks. These Widgets may place Spotify's cookies, and other third-party cookies, on your computer. See the Spotify Terms of Use for more details.

Can cookies be disabled?

Most web browsers allow you to opt-out of using cookies by changing your browser settings to block them, either entirely or from specific websites. You can still use much of our site without cookies, but some functionality will be not be available to you.