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The Perfect Organism – The Visuals of Alien: Isolation

When Alien: Isolation touches down on iOS & Android on December 16th it brings with it all the AAA visuals, effects and performance of its desktop and console incarnations. Much like the alien itself, the game has evolved. Running at native resolution on the latest M1-powered iPad Read More

Alien: Isolation stalks onto iOS & Android December 16th

Feral Interactive recently intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. The decode reads “....Alien: Isolation will release for iOS and Android 2021-12-16.…” Fifteen years after the unsolved disappearance of her mother, Amanda Ripley boards the damaged and isolated Sevastopol spa Read More

Join the resistance – XCOM 2 Collection out now for Android

The aliens have reigned for too long. Today we fight back as a whole new cadre of Commanders steps up to take on the mantle. The XCOM 2 Collection combines the acclaimed War of the Chosen expansion and 4 DLC packs into a single explosive experience for Android players. Intuitive n Read More

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