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Company of Heroes for iPad — The Tactical Map

Company of Heroes’ Tactical Map is a full-screen map offering a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield for major tactical decisions. On iPad, the Tactical Map has been enhanced with additional detail: munitions, fuel and manpower stats. Tapping any unit displays their type, health, an Read More

Company of Heroes for iPad — The Command Wheel

Company of Heroes asks players to make tactical decisions about everything from tank routes to ambushes. For the upcoming iPad version, in addition to the classic button UI you can access a Command Wheel designed to help you make better decisions. Simply tap and hold a unit to dis Read More

Feral Interactive joins Weibo!

Get first-hand gaming news and chat with us in Simplified Chinese on our newly launched Weibo page. All Chinese-speaking gamers are warmly encouraged to join us! Read More

GameMode Linux performance tool updated to 1.3

GameMode is an Open Source system tool helping Linux users get the best performance out of their games by instructing the CPU to automatically run in Performance Mode when playing games. Version 1.3 disables your screensaver when a game is running and increases I/O priority of gam Read More

Getting your bearings — Navigating ROME: Total War for Android

ROME: Total War challenges your decision-making on both the campaign map and battlefield. Using features tailored to smaller screens, ROME on Android offers easy access to all the information you need to make the important calls. Detailed summaries of your faction, character Read More

Built for speed — GRID Autosport™ is coming to Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport™ is on track to become the first full-on racing sim for Nintendo Switch. Ignite your high-speed career on Switch, mastering motorsport's most exciting cars on the world's most thrilling circuits. GRID Autosport lets you race anywhere, anytime, with controls an Read More

Et tu, Android? Feral plays ROME: Total War

Watch the tantalising new gameplay video for an in-depth look at ROME: Total War living, breathing and battling on Android. Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9, veteran legionaries Sam and Edwin show off intuitive touch controls, streamlined interfaces and nifty mobile features as they Read More

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