Tropico for iPad invites you to sit at your own Dictator’s Desk!

The shiny new User Interface in Tropico for iPad puts a whole nation at your scheming fingertips.

Designed for ease of use on mobile, the Dictator’s Desk grants quick access to the levers of power!

Screen shot of Tropico for iPad's new Dictator’s Desk
  • Intel icon

    Intel Flick through notices that need your presidential attention.

  • Avatar icon

    Avatar Your Avatar represents your presence as El Presidente! Send your Avatar on morale-boosting visits to raise productivity.

  • Edicts icon

    Edicts Browse and issue political policies to keep your citizens happy… or under your thumb.

  • Overlays icon

    Overlays Get real-time info on all aspects of your island, from soil fertility to crime rates.

  • Construction icon

    Construction Order buildings from a catalogue of blueprints.

  • Almanac icon

    Almanac Consult your little black book, including statistics on citizens, foreign powers and economy.

Later this year, Tropico falls into the hands of dictators across the world.