Make Island Dreaming a Virtual Reality in Tropico — Landing on Meta Quest on March 28th

Become El Presidente and take hold of the levers of power, in Tropico for Meta Quest, arriving the 28th of March!

For Feral’s first foray into virtual reality, we have followed our tried-and-tested approach of bringing a classic and much-loved game to an exciting new platform, without compromise.

Bring your grand visions to life in the humorous city builder and political sim, expertly adapted for VR — with over 40 missions to tackle, using a custom-built interface and intuitive controls.

Promise, parley and propagandise your way to a neverending term in office. Immerse yourself in Tropico, and transform this untapped pocket of paradise into an industrial powerhouse, a tourist playground and a budding superpower — all under your firm, but fair hand.

Wishlist today to book your ticket to a Caribbean paradise of your own making — coming to Meta Quest on the 28th of March.