Free High Tide Update for Total War: PHARAOH Out Now on Steam — Adds Two New Factions

The free High Tide update is now available for Total War: PHARAOH, bringing The Sea Peoples culture with two new factions seeking to ride the coming storm.

The ruthless Sherden strive only to destroy and sacrifice. Led by Iolaos, they strike fear into other empires as they burn and plunder their way across the ancient lands.

The Peleset are on the warpath to establish a new homeland, coming ashore with their hulking leader Walwetes and willing to stand against Egypt to carve a kingdom for themselves.

Both factions utilise a new horde style of gameplay, with 37 new units available to aid their conquest. A full breakdown of all new content is available via the Total War Blog.

The High Tide update is free to all owners of Total War: PHARAOH on macOS, and will be downloaded the next time you launch Steam. If you’ve yet to embark on your Bronze Age campaign, PHARAOH is available for the new, value price of $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99 here.