As the great rise, the greatest shall fall — Total War: PHARAOH out now on macOS

Total War: PHARAOH — the latest entry in the renowned historical strategy series has arrived on macOS alongside the Windows release!

The old Pharaoh is dead and Egypt awaits a new monarch. The battle for the throne is about to begin...

The cataclysmic events of the Bronze Age Collapse have brought this magnificent civilisation to the brink of civil war, and for those who make claim to the Pharaoh’s throne — bloody conflict is all but inevitable.

PHARAOH’s campaign sees ambitious claimants fight to conquer, defend and develop the eastern Mediterranean’s most coveted cultural centres — solidifying their power in the face of great calamity. A brand-new, extensive Campaign Customisation feature means no two campaigns will ever feel the same, with options including random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, and the ability to influence natural disasters.

And, with dynamic weather effects and wildfires having the potential to turn the tides of dramatic, real-time battles, the path to Pharaoh’s crown is alluring but perilous.

Will you relive, or rewrite ancient history? Head to Steam and grab Total War: PHARAOH today.