Alien: Isolation Available for Pre-Order in Three Physical Editions

Triple Threat - Alien: Isolation for Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order from our friends at Limited Run Games in three different physical editions!

This is your chance to snag a boxed copy of the sci-fi horror classic and all of its DLC packs on one Switch Game Card for $39.99.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to evoke Alien’s classic 80’s style with the VHS Classic Edition, including a VHS-style box and slipcover, alongside a SteelBook and copy of the game for $74.99.

And, for superfans, there is Alien: Isolation Collector’s Edition! This bundle includes the VHS Classic Edition contents as well as the full soundtrack, a double-sided poster, art cards, Weyland Yutani patches and an uncannily accurate scale model of Sevastopol Space Station. All for $139.99.

Peruse the packages over on the Limited Run Games webstore, and pre-order yours today!

Alien: Isolation for Nintendo Switch Limited Run Games Collector's Edition Box