Patch 2.4 brings Immortal Empires to all Total War: WARHAMMER III players on macOS & Linux

Denizens of the Old World, brace yourselves — patch 2.4 opens up the gargantuan Immortal Empires campaign to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III!

Immortal Empires is the most ambitious Total War campaign to date, combining all three maps from across the Total War: WARHAMMER series. As of today, if you own Total War: WARHAMMER III, but not the previous entries in the series, you can access and play the Immortal Empires campaign using the WARHAMMER III races and lords.

You can now also purchase DLC for WARHAMMER I and II without owning the base games, unlocking the factions and their Legendary Lords for the Immortal Empires campaign!

Head to the Total War Blog for the full patch notes and all the details. Then, fire up Steam, update your game, and let this mark the first day of your reign over the Old World!