Wish You Were Here! — Postcards from Tropico Brings Seven New Challenges to Tropico for iOS & Android

A group of new islands has been discovered in Tropican waters! How on Earth did we miss those, Presidente? Naturally, their citizens yearn for your firm, but fair leadership and await your arrival with open arms.

Postcards from Tropico is the first in a series of new content packs coming to Tropico on iOS & Android, and this first release is on us!

Simply download the latest update from the App Store or Google Play Store today to get Postcards from Tropico for free, and pit your political wits against seven fiendish new challenges. Whether you’re making contact with extraterrestrials or dealing with llama drama, there are hearts to win, opponents to crush and huge piles of money to be made! Maybe it’s time to open a new offshore bank account…

Update today, and receive your Postcards from Tropico!