A legend retold – A Total War Saga: TROY and MYTHOS Expansion Pack out now for macOS on Steam

Walk in the sandals of antiquity’s greatest heroes and renew an appeal to arms in A Total War Saga: TROY, now available on Steam.

TROY brings Total War’s irresistible mix of grand strategy and real-time battles to the Bronze Age, putting players at the centre of a war of vengeance alongside heroes and gods.

Released simultaneously, the game’s latest Expansion Pack, MYTHOS embraces the classical setting, unleashing terrible creatures of Greek myth to seek out and harness for battle. Whether the Cerberus, the Griffin, or the Hydra, they are each devastating in combat and bring with them an army of fanatical followers.

Head to Steam to save 25% on the standard edition of A Total War Saga: TROY until 30th September. Alternatively, save 30% on the Mythic edition which comes bundled with the new MYTHOS Expansion Pack, or get the Heroic Edition and save 40% on the base game, MYTHOS, Amazons and the Ajax & Diomedes DLCs.