Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Silence & The Fury DLC out now

The Silence & The Fury, the final Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II is out now for macOS – introducing new Legendary Lords for the Lizardmen and the Beastmen.

Taurox, the almost invulnerable bull charges forth in service to Chaos at the head of a bloodthirsty Beastman horde. Oxyotl, Chameleon Skink and master of stealth must be cunning if he is to stem this tide of wanton destruction that threatens to engulf the world.

Both new Lords lead their own factions, with new characters, units, unique gameplay mechanics and narrative objectives.

Choose your side and take to battle once more in The Silence & The Fury, available on Steam for £7.99/$9.99/€9.99.

Today also sees the release of a huge free update to Total War: WARHAMMER II, including reworks to the Beastmen and Dwarfen factions, a new Dawi Legendary Lord, and the introduction of Ogre Mercenaries for Total War Access Members. Head to the Total War Blog for more info.