The hunt is on – Artemis arrives amid Blood & Glory in A Total War Saga: TROY

Today, a new divinity will look down upon the blood-soaked battlefields of the Trojan War. Artemis, goddess of the moon, the hunt and the wilderness, offers new boons to her worshippers. Fully integrated into TROY’s Divine Will System, her followers erect temples and undertake divine missions to earn favour in order to command powerful new bow-wielding units, as well as the mighty hunter, Orion – an Epic Agent capable of bringing down even the most powerful heroes.

Artemis will be added to the game for free, alongside full mod support and an all-new photo mode. With a suite of options and effects at your fingertips, you can capture the glory of the battlefield like never before.

Amid all the noise and fury, today also sees the release of the Blood & Glory DLC. Adding gruesome new animations and effects, Blood & Glory enhances the player’s visceral experience of the Trojan War, complete with hacked limbs and rivers of blood.

Grab Artemis and the new photo mode for free, alongside the Blood & Glory DLC available for £2.49/$2.99/€2.99, exclusively from the Epic Game Store.