A Total War Saga: TROY for macOS releases on October 8th on the Epic Store

Legends will be rewritten in A Total War Saga: TROY for macOS – available exclusively from the Epic Store.

Step into the Bronze Age, and onto the battlefields of the Trojan War. Command antiquity’s most revered heroes and choose your side in the contest for the coveted city of Troy.

Mac users who redeemed a free copy of A Total War Saga: TROY on the Windows launch day will be able to get their copy on the 8th of October.

The Amazons DLC for macOS will also be available on the 8th of October and adds the iconic sisters Hippolyta and Penthesilea, alongside their armies of fierce warrior women.

The Amazons DLC will be free to anyone who registers for Total War Access and links with their Epic Games Store account before the 8th of October.