All sons are born in the shadow of their fathers – Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – A World Betrayed Chapter Pack out now for macOS and Linux

Now available for macOS and Linux, A World Betrayed portrays a seminal moment in the history of the Three Kingdoms. Many of the pioneering warlords have now fallen, leaving a new generation of warriors vying to forge their own dynasties.

  • Begin a new campaign in 194 CE, two years after the tyrant Dong Zhuo’s death at the hands of his adoptive son, Lü Bu
  • Two new factions led by Lü Bu and Sun Che, each with unique faction mechanics and story events
  • New starting positions and challenges for existing factions
  • Unique new battlefield units, campaign mechanics, events and objectives

Uncover details on the Total War blog, then buy A World Betrayed from the Feral Store or Steam. The free-LC warlord White Tiger Yan is also available via Steam.