Total War: WARHAMMER II - The Shadow & The Blade DLC strikes macOS and Linux

The Shadow & The Blade DLC brings powerful new abilities, mechanics, and military advantages to Total War: WARHAMMER II

  • Two new Legendary Lords with their own quest-chains, unique items, skill trees and factions:
    • Malus Darkblade leads Hag Graef for the Dark Elves.
    • Deathmaster Snikch leads Clan Eshin for the Skaven.
  • Command the lethal chariots and pain-wracked Medusae of Hag Graef.
  • Use cunning stealth magic, warp-infused weapons and deadly covert infantry for Clan Eshin.
  • Recruit new elite Regiments of Renown to lay catastrophic waste to your enemies.

Devour the details on the Total War blog, then buy The Shadow & The Blade DLC from the Feral Store or Steam.