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Featuring four unique campaigns spanning four centuries of conflict, Kingdoms enriches Total War: MEDIEVAL II by bringing its strategic empire-building and epic warfare to new theatres.

Command a total of 24 playable factions across 4 new campaigns in dramatic historical arenas. Each campaign offers enormous replayability, with expanded unit rosters and bespoke new mechanics.

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  • Conquer Central America or repel its European invaders on a vibrant new campaign map
  • Command seven different factions, each with distinct units, buildings, visuals and tactics
  • Sacrifice captured enemies to the bloodthirsty Aztec Sun God
  • Lead mighty Apachean tribes on the Warpath

As Spanish Conquistadors arrive on the shores of Central America, conflict with the existing Mesoamerican empires is inevitable. Determine the future of the New World by leading the conquest or driving the European invaders back into the sea.


  • Lead one of five powers vying for control of the war-torn British Isles
  • Bolster your territory by securing a network of forts at key points on the Campaign Map
  • Convert captured lands to your culture and recruit local warriors to your armies
  • Maintain order within England to combat the threat of all-out rebellion from the Barons Alliance

Threatened with invasion and riven by ancient rivalries, the British Isles of 1258 are in military and political ferment. Secure England’s borders against threats from without and rebellion within, or lead a challenger nation to reign supreme over these much-contested islands.


  • Command the armies of the cross or the crescent in a war for the Holy Land
  • Lead the forces of Richard the Lionheart or Saladin in an epic conflict of religions and civilisations
  • Field new units from the fearsome Knights Hospitaller to the devastating Greek Firethrowers
  • Take advantage of new mechanics such as Power Centres and player-built forts

On the eve of the Third Crusade, the Holy Land lies divided between Frankish crusader states and Islamic fiefdoms. The stage is set for a colossal clash that will shape the religious and political allegiance of this most cherished of territories.


  • Defend Paganism or embrace Christianity as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  • Command or repel the ruthless Teutonic Knights in a storied campaign for the Baltic lands
  • Lead the forces of crusading nobles as they march eastward in search of glory
  • Direct campaigns as the imposing warriors of Norway or the devastating Mongol hordes — both fully playable for the first time in MEDIEVAL II

As the last stronghold of paganism in Europe, Lithuania is surrounded by nations eager for it to see the light of salvation...by any means. Lead the crusading Teutonic Order in a frenzy of conversion and plunder, or help the Grand Duchy cleave to the old gods, protect its lands, and drive back the Christian knights.

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