The ancient city of Vilcabamba was once the hiding place of the Incas, but its cavernous ruins are now home to packs of wolves and savage bears. Find your way through its tunnel-like paths to discover the Lost Valley: a lush ravine where dinosaurs still roam.

A treacherous descent beneath a forgotten monastery leads to buried rooms hosting epic trials inspired by characters from Greek mythology. Conquering these is just the start: the coliseum, palace of Midas and ancient cistern beyond contain ever greater challenges.

Concealed deep within ancient temples lie secret chambers protected by wild animals and terrifying undead creatures. If you survive the beasts and deadly traps, prepare to uncover an immense Sphinx and scale the colossal statues of the god-kings Anubis and Horus.

As her quest reaches its apex, Lara breaches the walls of a underground pyramid surrounded by cascades of lava. Within lie the secrets of a long-forgotten civilization that is beginning to regain its power...