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    The last great ruler of Egypt’s New Kingdom, Ramesses is regarded as a true ‘Warrior Pharaoh’ whose daring military strategies are matched only by his heroic resolve. Fuelled by a desire to surpass the achievements of his namesake, Ramesses II the Great, he leads with speed and intuition that often give his armies of Elite units the upper hand, even against numerically superior opponents. Destiny calls him to take the throne in a time of crisis and deliver Egypt from a looming existential threat.


    Little is known of the fifth Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, other than he was the presumptive heir of King Merneptah. A headstrong member of the royal family who gained huge wealth by controlling Egypt’s gold mines, he remains bitter that he was passed over for the succession. Instead, he received a distant posting as Viceroy of Kush, while his half-brother Seti was the favoured son. Amenmesse’s ambition to stake his claim is bolstered by his access to Egypt’s vast riches. Wise, worldly and less aloof than many leaders, his willingness to ally with foreigners provides a further edge over his rivals.


    Tausret is a brilliant politician, who will claim the throne should her husband Seti prove incapable of handling the responsibilities of the crown. A life spent battling prejudice has made her strong and resilient in all matters, be they diplomatic, financial or military. Few recognise her genius, as the focus at court has been directed to the male heirs – which may prove a grave mistake. Tausret’s faction could quickly become the region’s dominant economic power if left unchecked.

  • SETI The

    As the anointed successor to his father, Pharaoh Merneptah, Seti has no time for the instability that threatens to undermine the Kingdom. He is so close to power, he can taste it, and his impatience is mirrored by his ferocity. No other ruler is as willing or as quick to fight, and he does so with maximum aggression. Seti has no truck with diplomacy, preferring instead to wage war. He sees few problems that cannot be resolved by crushing his enemies.

  • IRSU The

    Irsu’s destructive Canaanite faction sees no value in unity and harmony. Irsu strives to bring Egypt to its knees – he’s set on plundering its gold mines, and defacing the Valley of Kings. He’s a fatalist, who believes that he is destined to bring about the end of Egypt’s glory. To achieve his goals, he seeks to profit from the misfortune of others, and Egypt's civil war may be his greatest opportunity yet. With no interest in monuments or legacy, Irsu’s vision is the ruin of Egypt and the destruction of anyone who would rule it.

  • BAY The

    Bay is a supreme survivor and master manipulator. Appearing weak and friendly to deceive adversaries comes naturally to him. As a low-born Canaanite, he understands that true power can be won through valuable connections as easily as it can in battle. And while Bay may choose to rule Egypt via a puppet Pharaoh or assume a royal name to veil his foreign heritage, he is tired of watching the spoils of Egyptian high society from afar. The rewards for being his ally may at first be great, but it will not be long before he starts to take far more than he has ever given.


    The last Great King of the Hittites met an unknown fate during the collapse of the Bronze Age. Players looking to rewrite history will need to be resourceful and skilled to unite the Hittite Empire amid the growing chaos. While being attacked on several fronts Suppiluliuma faces dire circumstances and limited resources. Fortunately, his honourable nature, noble connections and reputation as a great warrior allow him to rally local kingdoms to his cause – and such alliances could yet see him prevail. He would happily live a life of peace were it not for his burning desire to ensure that his relative, Kurunta, whom he blames for all the world’s ills, does not ascend to the throne and bring disaster to the Hittite lands.


    Kurunta is a power-hungry secessionist with certain psychopathic tendencies and has been a force of chaos in the Hittite court for decades. Kurunta believes himself to be the avatar of a god and so cannot be humble or forgiving. Unbound by conscience and pursuing warfare without limits, there is no advantage Kurunta will not exploit and no cost he will not pay. His only ambition is to see Suppiluliuma defeated and the lands of Anatolia under his own absolute rule.