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First released for PC in 2006, Medieval II: Total War brings real historical events to life, with a grittily authentic tone.

Medieval II: Total War was developed by Creative Assembly, the creators of SHOGUN: Total War and Rome: Total War. While it stayed true to the distinctive look and feel of those games, it marked a huge advance for the series with its unprecedented scale, sophisticated campaign play, and notable graphical improvements.

The Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms expansion pack was released in 2007, and took the game into new territory with additional campaign maps and factions. Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Edition comes with the Kingdoms expansion pack included.

On release Medieval II: Total War was immensely popular with critics and gamers alike and remains supremely playable today.

An exceptional game that brings history alive with enormous flair and clarity.


Times Online

Mesmerisingly challenging... If there's another wargame that blends geopolitics with tactics this brilliantly, or portrays war so memorably, then I'm unaware of it... The new king of wargames.


PC Gamer

A kingly mixture of action and strategy – not only a top RTS but the PC game of the year.


Games Master

There's simply no way that any self respecting strategy fan can spend this Christmas doing anything other than rampaging across the world on a whirlwind of medieval conquest.


PC Zone

Medieval II: Total War is breathtaking in its depth, fiendishly challenging in all the right ways and a big old phlegmy spit right in the eye of anything else foolish enough to claim ownership of the strategy crown.