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  • Embark on an empire-building adventure of immense scale and ambition as you lead one of 17 factions through five centuries of Total War across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Master sophisticated turn-based strategy as you enforce public order, deploy spies and assassins, make peace with your neighbours… or send your armies after them.
  • Embroil yourself in heady real-time clashes as you command infantry, cavalry and siege engines.
  • Revel in a classic Total War game rich in features beloved by fans of the series. Initially released in 2006 and containing all additional content, Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Edition is excellent value and runs well on older hardware.

The rugged mountains of Anatolia hold off Crusaders on the warpath.

Outnumbered Scottish warriors hold their own against the English.

A trustworthy Venetian agent opens diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Sicily.

Mounted Turkish archers ride in Cantabrian circles to break the Venetian infantry.

A newly raised Moorish army marches from its castle to take on the Spanish.

The horizon brims with warlike Saxons as William the Conqueror prepares to make history.