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Threatened by the Galactic Republic’s growing power, the Trade Federation ordered a blockade of the planet Naboo to gain political leverage against them.

The move backfired, and the opportunistic Senator Palpatine was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Unknown to the Senate, Palpatine was also Darth Sidious, a powerful Sith Lord who was secretly assembling an army, the Separatists.

With Palpatine now playing both sides against each other, the Jedi Council and the Separatists began a conflict that became known as the Clone Wars. The ensuing turmoil would affect the galaxy in ways nobody could have predicted.

The Republic, guarded by the fearless Jedi Knights, fights for order and peace throughout the galaxy. Our heroes are under siege by a villainous force with deep ties to the Dark Side.

Little do they know that these forces are working both sides against each other in a game of galactic domination hoping to grow off the ensuing chaos.

As the battle rages on, many who thought their lives were safe behind the front lines will find themselves thrown into the thick of the attacks, and the mettle of the Republic will finally be tested once and for all.

In every game of Dejarik, there are unwitting pawns. So is the case for the separatists, who charge into battle to take on the Republic at the orders of Count Dooku and Darth Sidious. Comprised of an endless number of droids for the frontlines, the separatists ruthlessly seek to take control of the galaxy and do away with the Jedi Council forever.

With the terrifying General Grievous at the helm, countless battles have been fought with lives hanging in the balance. The droids show no signs of surrender.