Yamato Class

The Yamato is, quite simply, the biggest, best armoured and most powerfully armed ship ever built. Weighing almost twice as much as any other battleship afloat, she is the pride of the Imperial Fleet. Her 18.1" main guns can smash through the armour of any opponent, and will destroy smaller ships with a single shot, while the huge secondary batteries she carries give her excellent defence against air attack. Only sustained and concerted attack by a much larger force has any chance at all of successfully engaging this titan.
In Service1915
Displacement (Tonnes)71,659
Dimensions (Feet)862'10" x 121'1" x 32'11"
Speed (Knots)25200
Weapons12x 14 inch guns, 16x 16 inch guns, 8x 5 inch guns, 37x AA guns

Fubuki Class

The Fubuki-class is seen as the first modern destroyer design. Entering service in 1928, her twin 5" mounts in enclosed turrets and triple torpedo launchers gave her firepower far in excess of any other ship her size at the time. Since then, other destroyer designs have arisen which are a match for the Fubuki class, most notably the American Fletcher class. Nevertheless, these are still versatile and useful ships, and their dual-purpose 5" guns give them a very potent defence against attacking aircraft.
In Service1928
Displacement (Tonnes)2090
Dimensions (Feet)378'3" x 34'0" x 10'6"
Speed (Knots)35
Weapons6x 5"/50 DP gun, 2x 13mm/76 AA gun, 6x 25mm/60 AA gun, 6x torpedo tubes, depth charge racks


The Akagi and the Kaga were the first large carriers to join the Imperial Fleet, and have had long and distinguished careers. Originally built as battle cruisers, they were remodelled as a carrier in the aftermath of the Treaty of Washington, which explains their unusual appearance. Both of these carriers served with great distinction in the Chinese campaign, and together are known as Carrier Division 1.
TypeFleet Carrier
In Service1927
Displacement (Tonnes)41300
Dimensions (Feet)855'3" x 102'9" x 28'7"
Speed (Knots)20
Weapons12x 5"/40 AA guns, 18x 25mm/60 AA guns

Type B Submarine

Type B
The Type B is the most numerous and modern submarine design in service with the IJN. Only coming into service in 1940, these are fast, long-ranged ships, and every bit the match of the US Narwhal-class subs. Like all submarines, they are very vulnerable when on the surface, thanks to their lack of armour and firepower, but submerged they are a danger to any ship.
In Service1940
Displacement (Tonnes)2584/3654
Dimensions (Feet)356'5" x 30'5" x 16'8"
Speed (Knots)30/15
Weapons1x 4"/45 gun, 1x 5.51" Type 97 AA gun, 4x torpedo tubes forward, 2x torpedo tubes aft