The New World

The New World of Total War: WARHAMMER II is a realm of treacherous seas, steaming jungles, and desolate ruins scarred by dark magic.

Fight for dominion over five continents, each with a distinct landscape to explore and conquer.

New World Map

Ulthuan, to the northeast, is a beautiful island continent where High Elves lord over their enchanting kingdoms. At the centre of Uthuan lies the Great Vortex, a swirling tempest of magic and the key to the campaign.

Lustria, to the southwest, is a hostile rainforest connected to Naggaroth. It’s tropical climate makes a perfect habitat for poisonous wildlife, monsters and Lizardmen.

The Southlands sit on the edge of the New World. They are dominated by vast deserts, savannahs and jungles.

Nehekhara is a searing wasteland connected to the Southlands. Once a great human empire, Nehekhara is now populated by Tomb Kings; walking corpses controlled by a necromancer.

The Under-Empire is a warren of subterranean tunnels stretching beneath the whole of the New World. Here the rat-like Skaven grow their numbers, plotting pestilence and ruin upon the surface-dwellers.

Naggaroth, to the northwest, is the bleak and chilling home of the Dark Elves. Intimidating black mountains hinder the progress of any who dare travel here.