Elite Melee Ships from West Seaxe in England deliver reinforcements to their siege of Dún Foither in Scotland.

Áed, King of Circenn, leads his campaign from the east coast of Scotland.

Pushing through the hostile climate, Welsh siege engines menace the Pictish town of Dún Cailden.

Formations of West Seaxe (English) and Gwined (Welsh) infantry engage in a hillside clash on the Isle of Man.

General Swidhelm garrisons his army in Seolesigge, the capital of Suth Seaxe, England.

East Engle, a faction of the Great Viking Army, advances on the Welsh port of Aberteifi.

Viking Sea Kings mount a fierce charge at Scottish warriors defending their coast.

General Hakkon, a Viking Sea King, guards territory in the Hebrides.



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