Outside the relative safety of the Strongholds, Max will come across a diverse cast of characters: some of them sadistic, many of them homicidal but most are just trying to survive.


Before the Fall, Max was a traffic cop, a skilled pursuit driver who battled criminal gangs on the lawless highways. Somewhere in the death throes of human civilization, he lost his family to an act of senseless violence. Ever since then he has been moving. Living day to day, just surviving, while a cacophony of distorted memories, sounds and visions haunt him.


The Wasteland’s visionary mechanic is the prophet of his own automotive-mechanical-based religion. He claims to worship a deity called The Angel Combustion, who has sent Max to him as a ‘warrior saint’ to help build the ultimate vehicle, the Magnum Opus.

Scabrous Scrotus

Scrotus is a feared and ruthless warlord, and anointed Protector of Gastown. He has shunned the Citadel and has grown his War Boy army into a force unmatched in the Wasteland.


The Dog belongs to Scabrous Scrotus. One of only a few canines not killed for food, it serves as Scrotus’ War Hound.


Born the captive of a biker gang, Hope moved to Gastown as concubine to Wasteland warlord Dr. Dementus. There she bore him a daughter, who she named Glory.


As the daughter of Hope and deranged Warlord Dementus, Glory’s formative years were spent among the brutal gangs of the Citadel and Gastown. Here she learned how to survive, eventually escaping to the Wasteland with her mother. However, it wasn’t long before bandits captured them. Hope is now a prisoner in Gutgash’s holding cells.


Griffa is a wandering mystic who has the power to enhance Max's survival abilities. Griffa Tokens, earned through gaining experience points, can be redeemed to level up Max in myriad ways – for example, bolstering his health, increasing the amount of scrap he can gather, and the ability to conserve fuel.

Stank Gum

Renowned for his sadistic and brutal methods, Gum is one of Scrotus’ favourite warriors. His face is covered in scars, which he covers with masks made from human leather. After Scrotus was injured in his fight with Max, he sent Gum out into the Wasteland to wreak havoc and begin a reign of terror. If Max is to exact his revenge on Scrotus, he’ll have to go through this insane sadist first.

Crow Dazzle

Crow Dazzle is the go-to guy for racing outside of Gastown. Not much is known about this rhyme-slingin' racetrack-gambling thrill purveyor except his uncanny knack for staying clear of the War Boys. Crow Dazzle is the master of "death runs", races that test a driver's skill on a physical and a spiritual level. Has he met his match in Max? Only time, and copious amounts of guzzolene, will tell.