Max explains why she’s been so distant as Chloe drives her home in the golden hour.

Max consults the ‘Max Caulfield Photo Memorial Wall’ – a display of moments she has captured on film.

Blackwell Academy’s queen bee Victoria teases Katie about a humiliating video gone viral.

Chloe tells Max about Rachel Amber, a friend who has vanished without trace.


  • A beautifully written adventure that explores real world issues with a different take on story-based choice and consequences.
  • Find your way as Max, a teenager struggling to follow the road less travelled and make her mark on the world.
  • Rewind time to change your choices in a story that twists and turns along different paths towards different endings.
  • Striking hand-painted visuals and a distinctive indie soundtrack are integral to the captivating atmosphere of Life Is Strange.
  • Play Life Is Strange on almost any modern Mac or Linux PC; it has very modest system requirements and is only $5 per episode.