Max character concept.

Max character concept in night wear.

Chloe character concept.

Chloe character concept with tattooed arm.

Victoria Chase concept.

Kate Marsh concept.

Stella Hill concept art.

Dana character concepts.

David character concepts.

13 year-old Max.

Chloe in wheelchair.

Teenage characters concepts.

Cast of characters.

Blackwell Academy campus.

Dorm room with bunk beds.

Chloe's garage.

Chloe's house: landing.

Chloe's house: garage.

Chloe's bedroom.

Blackwell Academy classroom.

Cliff footpath and Max.

Footpath to the lighthouse.

The Dark Room concept.

Novelty hotdog.

Blackwell Academy dorm campus.

Dorm corridor.

Dorm room.


Blackwell Academy football pitch.

The storm.

Max's bedroom concept #1.

Max's bedroom concept #2.

Max and Chloe on the tracks.

Arcadia Bay beach.

Arcadia Bay from the clifftop.

Max at the lighthouse.

Max's camera concept.

Max's camera alternative concept.

Blackwell Academy corridor.

Arcadia Bay logo concepts.

Blackwell Academy classroom concept.

Blackwell Academy's Hall of Fame.

Dark Room concept.

Chloe and Max in the junkyard.

Victoria Chase's bedroom concept.

Chloe tattoo concept.

Chloe's Misfit Skull tattoo.

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From concept to the finished game: how the artists and designers at DONTNOD made Life Is Strange

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