A game in five episodes.

When Max Caulfield returns to Arcadia Bay after a few years away, she discovers that all is not well in her hometown. Upon reuniting with her girlhood friend Chloe Price, Max learns that a fellow student at Blackwell Academy has gone missing. She begins to experience troubling visions and discovers a disturbing new ability.

Max begins to experiment with her power and wonders if it’s related to the visions she experienced. She also seeks to convince a sceptical Chloe that she really can rewind time. Meanwhile life in Blackwell Academy goes on and a certain viral video has become a major topic of discussion.

Max and Chloe’s investigation into Rachel’s disappearance has them break into Blackwell Academy and discover that Rachel was not the person Chloe thought she knew. Max meanwhile discovers her power can have devastating consequences.

Max realises that changing the past can lead to painful consequences and that time is not always a great healer. Her investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber begins to show results as she finds the Dark Room. Will the answers lie within? Or will there just be more trouble?

Max learns that time is impossible to control as she moves inexorably towards the most agonizing decision of her life. Arcadia Bay, meanwhile, is preparing for a huge storm as events come to a gut-wrenching conclusion.