Arcadia Bay

Arcadia Bay is a picturesque seaside town in Oregon, USA.

Founded by Native Americans, Arcadia Bay was until recently a prosperous fishing town. However, that industry has declined due, in large part, to the actions of the town’s wealthiest family, the Prescotts.

Lately Arcadia Bay has been experiencing extreme weather and other strange phenomena, such as dead birds falling from the sky and a whale beaching.

Maxine “Max” Caulfield

Max is an 18 year-old high school student, who aspires to be a professional photographer. She’s geeky, introverted and slightly self-conscious, particularly when it comes to her passion, photography.

After five-years away in Seattle, Max has returned to Arcadia Bay on a scholarship to study photography at the prestigious Blackwell Academy where she discovers that she has a strange and disturbing power: she can rewind time.

At Blackwell, Max hooks up with her old best friend Chloe, and learns that Arcadia Bay has a dark underbelly. Rachel Amber, Chloe’s closest friend, has gone missing after meeting someone at a party who “changed her life”. Max and Chloe set out to find out what has happened to Rachel.

Chloe Price

Chloe is rebellious, stubborn, mischievous and outwardly fearless. As girls they were best friends and now reunited five years later, Max and Chloe’s relationship is rekindled as they investigate Rachel’s mysterious disappearance.

Kate Marsh

Kind-hearted, creative and shy, Kate is a fellow student at Blackwell and is good friends with Max. She comes from a devoutly Christian family and has been bullied for her conservative views on sex and religion.

Rachel Amber

Rachel was a close friend of Chloe’s. Ambitious, but popular, her sudden disappearance has disturbed everyone at the Academy.

Mark Jefferson

Mark is Max’s tutor at Blackwell Academy. He’s also a famous and well-respected photographer, whose work was big in the 90s. Despite his tendency to be aloof and kinda pretentious, Max admires Mark.

Nathan Prescott

Despite their shared interest in photography there is no love lost between Max and Nathan. The Prescotts are a rich and influential local family, and have a financial interest in Blackwell Academy. Although he can be cultured, Nathan frequently behaves like a spoilt brat.

Victoria Chase

Blackwell’s queen bee is both arrogant and insecure, While she boasts about designer clothes and having the latest and most expensive tech she has confided to Max that despite her talent and supposed confidence, she overcompensates for her own perceived shortcomings.

Frank Bowers

The heavily tattooed Frank Bowers is a drug dealer, who lives alone in his RV on the beach. He knows both Chloe and Rachel, and Chloe owes him money. An alumnus of Blackwell Academy, Frank is disreputable, sort of glamorous and a little bit scary.