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Game of the Year Edition

Set your crosshairs on the definitive edition of
Io-Interactive’s creative stealth-action hit.

Hitman™: Game of the Year Edition

HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition includes...

The Patient Zero mission arc Four new missions based around a plot to spark a global virus pandemic.

Three new Escalation mission packs The Raven Pack, The Cowboy Pack and The Clown Pack each features
its own suit, mission, and a killer reward to add to your arsenal.

Raven Outfit

Cowboy Outfit

Clown Outfit

Sieger 300 Ghost

Striker Pistol

A New Bat

The Complete First Season All six intricate locations are brimming with opportunities, weapons,
disguises, and of course targets to eliminate.


Location 1 - Paris

Location 2 - Sapienza

Location 3 - Marrakesh

Location 4 - Bangkok

Location 5 - Colorado

Location 6 - Hokkaido

Bonus Missions

Also available to buy separately:

Blood Money Requiem Pack

Make a killing in America.