This is what reviewers said about DiRT Rally for Windows and consoles.
Take it for a spin and you’ll see exactly what they were driving at.

  • An intense, thrilling rally sim with punishingly realistic physics and deep, nuanced handling.

    Gamesmaster UK
  • This is as authentic a portrayal of rally as you’re likely to find, and proves to be not just a return to form for Codemasters, but its best game to date.

  • DiRT Rally is an essential addition to any committed rally enthusiast's collection.

    PlayStation Official Magazine UK
  • Without question the best rally sim ever made. Reality without the whiplash.

    Official Xbox Magazine UK
  • DiRT Rally can be unforgiving, unrelenting, and seemingly as high in its demands as the infamous hill climb at Pikes Peak. But the journey is sublime.

    Game Informer