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Rally Locations

  • Fitzroy, Australia

    The distinctive red gravel tracks of Fitzroy alternate between twisting woodland and open farmland. Plan for varied routes when configuring your car for Australia.

  • Tarragona, Spain

    Wind through the mountains on tarmac roads that will test your grip-driving and tuning skills. Knowing when to cut corners can be the difference between sun-drenched success and total write-off.

  • Värmland, Sweden

    Master your steering technique or risk losing control along Värmland’s frozen and meandering roads.

  • Michigan, USA

    The open roads of Michigan State are a great starting place for an aspiring pro. Careful though; overconfidence can send even the most competent drivers spinning off track.

  • Powys, Wales

    The wet gravel stages of Wales will push your car control to its limit. Navigate tree-lined tracks at top-speed while avoiding the myriad ditches, fences, and banks that await.

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