Characters & Factions

Adam Jensen

The year is 2029, and Jensen is a changed man. Disillusioned and bitter after his attempt to save the world only left it more divided, he’s joined a newly-created Interpol counterterrorism unit known as Task Force 29. On the surface, Jensen’s goal is to hunt down terrorists in a world that’s spinning out of control. But what he’s really after are those responsible for tearing the world apart; the people pulling the strings.

In his obsessive drive to unmask them, Jensen continues to dig for answers, inching his way ever closer to the truth. He knows that stopping the Illuminati is the only way to make things right again. For the world. For the people he cares about. And for himself.

Viktor Marchenko

Viktor Marchenko is an outspoken member of the Augmented Rights Coalition – a group of augmented activists fighting for fair treatment. Unlike its leader, Talos Rucker, Marchenko has more radical leanings, and his persuasive personality allows him to sway opinions and rile up his followers.

Heavily augmented, with his right eye and his two arms replaced, he is thought to be responsible for organizing multiple attacks that he believes will help to further their cause. However, Marchenko is not just a brutish hulk; he is extremely intelligent and is well versed in the history of past revolutionaries.

Talos Rucker

Talos Rucker is the leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC). He is a passionate, principled and charismatic leader who advocates non-violence and political activism over violent terrorism. But someone is conducting acts of terrorism and framing ARC for them, thereby discrediting the entire Aug Rights Movement, and making Talos Rucker Task Force 29's primary target.

As public opinion continues to turn against him and his cause, Rucker is painfully aware that time is running out.

Vaclav Koller

Vaclav Koller is an underground augmentation specialist in Prague who does not shy away from controversial augmentations. He is a brilliant, eccentric, fast-talking engineer who has performed extensive self-augmentation.

Koller has dealings with many of the different factions in the city, including organized crime, and for an unknown reason has the protection of the Dvali Crime family in Prague.

Jim Miller

Jim Miller is the branch director at Task Force 29, a newly-created division of Interpol that fights organized crime and terrorism. A direct and decisive leader, he is committed to his job and passionate about protecting civilians.

He has also gone through his entire career with unwavering respect for the chain of command – although lately, questionable orders passed down by his boss are causing him to balk, resulting in him starting to reconsider his stance.

Alex Vega

Alejandra "Alex" Vega is an ex-Belltower pilot. She had to leave her previous job in a hurry after she helped Ben Saxon expose Belltower’s illegal drug operation in Panama. Through Saxon, she was introduced to, and joined, the Janus Collective.

Now she’s supporting Jensen with his investigation into Task Force 29 in order to determine if they are, in fact, a puppet of the Illuminati. She facilitated Jensen's entry into the Task Force, and acts as a go-between for him and Janus.

Elias Chikane

Chikane, Adam’s VTOL pilot for Task Force 29, is both professional and dedicated in his work. With a strong military background, he is able to use his experience as an elite pilot to give him the extra edge when helping to exfiltrate Adam out of a tight spot.

However, the tension between himself and Adam is, at times, palpable. This is largely in part due to his suspicion of all augmented people, stemming from the fact that his left knee was badly damaged by an Aug during the Aug Incident. As a result, Chikane refused to be augmented, passing up on a more advanced cybernetic in favor of his current, more traditional leg brace.

David Sarif

David Sarif is the founder and former CEO of Sarif Industries, and former boss of Adam Jensen.

A well-preserved man in his late 50s, Sarif revitalized Detroit and tried to revolutionize the world by turning a dilapidated automotive factory into a source for cutting-edge human enhancement technology. Then, in 2027, the Aug Incident hit, plunging the world into chaos. Society turned against augmented people, and the industry that had created them crashed. Sarif’s company, personal fortune, and dreams crashed with it.

Two years after the Incident, Sarif is an older, wiser, slightly more reserved version of the man he was before. He’s still wealthy; still direct when dealing with others; and still believes in progress, science and technology, and human endeavor. He also continues to hold onto his idealistic belief of a mechanically-enhanced mankind. He’s just learned to be patient and let others carry the banner into the spotlight for him, for now.

Augmented Rights Coalition (A.R.C.)

Despite being an internationally operating Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), the Augmented Rights Coalition (A.R.C.) has political power in many countries through sheer numbers and is seen as a threat to the groups initiating anti-aug policies. It is headquartered in Germany, the home country of its current leader, Talos Rucker, a former medical doctor.

At its core, the A.R.C. is not a radical organization; however, recent developments have put it on the terrorist watch list. Various violent attacks have been attributed to the group since late 2028. As such, despite his protests of pacifism, Rucker has taken heat from right-wing media and politicians.

Task Force 29 (TF29)

In the chaos following the Aug Incident of 2027, international black market sales of weapons and military-grade augmentations reached unprecedented heights – fuelled by organized crime syndicates and fuelling, in turn, extreme acts of terrorism on both sides of the augmentation debate.

Within months, the U.N. was pleading for more international cooperation and the power to act effectively across international borders. A tense shotgun agreement was reached, calling for the formation of an integrated anti-terrorist intelligence and response team. Led by Interpol, this outfit, later to be named Task Force 29, would have global jurisdiction without the slow-moving bureaucracy that, in the past, had led to missed opportunities.