On the arid surface of Calderis, Sergeant Tarkus and his squad open fire.

Outside the Imperial Palace, Orks are deterred by an Orbital Bombardment.

Wielding God-Splitter, his Daemonhammer, Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Space Marines brings it to a pack of Orks.

One of the Space Marines’ massive Dreadnoughts strides into the action.


  • Lead an elite strike force of Space Marines in a brutal interplanetary campaign that combines the very best of RTS and RPG.
  • Engage in relentless warfare in a series of intense fast-paced missions that always put you and your squads at the heart of the action.
  • Direct your squads with speed and precision, and develop them through visceral combat from raw recruits into the galaxy’s most battle-hardened veterans.
  • Configure your own campaign by choosing which battles and even planets to fight in.
  • Take on myriad missions teeming with different objectives, enemies, stories and rewards.
  • Take advantage of Dawn of War II’s multiplayer options to head up any of the four races; Space Marines, Orks, Eldar or Tyranids, each with different units and abilities to unleash in devastating multiplayer battles.
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