The Chaos Lord Araghast the Pillager leads a Black Legion Warband of Chaos Space Marines at the Minos Iceworks on Aurelia.

An outnumbered Force Commander takes on a Chaos Havoc squad.

Diseased Plague Marines glow green behind a huge Chaos Predator tank.

A Chaos Dreadnought stamps across Meridian, flanked by two heavily armed Chaos Havocs.

A drop pod deploys a heavy weapons Devastator squad of Space Marines onto the frigid surface of Aurelia.

Fight fear. Fight temptation.
Fight the Chaos within.

Chaos Rising is set one year after the events of Dawn of War II. Aurelia, long-lost home world of the Blood Ravens Space Marines, has re-emerged from the Warp. A realm of pure psychic energy, the Warp is the final resting place of the spirits of the dead and home to the Chaos Gods and their malevolent daemons.

Once a verdant jewel, Aurelia is now an ice-bound wasteland harboring dark secrets and deadly new enemies. Take command of the Blood Ravens to free Aurelia from Chaos, even while treacherous forces work from within to destroy you.

  • Take on the dark and twisted Chaos Space Marines of the notorious Black Legion.
  • Play as the relentless Blood Ravens in 15 new single player missions full of bloodshed, exploration, and grim revelations.
  • Battle across five distinct environments, from the frigid surface of Aurelia and the towering cityscapes of Meridian to the Judgement of Carrion, a derelict ghost ship carrying horrors and treasures from the Warp.
  • Resist the temptations of Chaos and become an Agent of Purity or succumb and become Corrupted, opening the way to new and dangerous powers.
  • Choose your side in cross-platform Mac and Linux multiplayer! Stay true to the Blood Ravens or pledge your loyalty to the Chaos Gods and lead the corrupt Chaos Space Marines into battle.
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